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Next steps

Learn about the next steps in your journey with EAS.

Congratulations! You've completed the EAS tutorial and learned about the main features. Now, you have a working EAS project.


But this is just the beginning. Here are some next steps to continue your journey with EAS:

EAS Build

See EAS Build documentation to learn more about compiling and signing Android and iOS apps.

EAS Submit

See EAS Submit documentation to learn more about uploading app to Google Play Store and Apple App Store with on CLI command.

EAS Update

See EAS Update documentation to learn more about publishing updates and applying customizable strategies.

EAS Metadata

See EAS Metadata documentation to automate and maintain your app store presence from the command line.

EAS Insights

See EAS Insights documentation to learn more about how to use expo-insights library and get precise usage metrics.

eas.json reference

eas.json schema

See the complete schema reference to learn more about available properties for EAS Build and EAS Submit, and to configure and override their default behavior from within your project.

Custom builds

Custom builds

See custom builds documentation to extend EAS Build and use your own configuration to create build workflows.

Relevant guides

Automate submissions

See automate submissions guide on how to enable automatic submissions with EAS Build on app stores.

GitHub Actions with EAS Update

See Use GitHub Actions guide on how to automate publishing updates with EAS Update.

App credentials

See App credentials guide to learn more about credentials requirement for Android and iOS.

Develop an app with Expo

An overview of the development process of building an Expo app to help build a mental model of the core development loop.

We hope you enjoyed this course. If you have any questions or feedback, don't hesitate to reach out to us on Discord, or share your experience on X.