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A list of resources to learn more about Expo and React Native.

Now that the doing is done, let's fill in the gaps on the concepts that we applied.

JavaScript features such as async/await, import, and others

Read about Modern JavaScript on React Native Express.


We used React components and APIs. Having a solid understanding of React is essential to using Expo to build your app. We recommend reading the Main Concepts section and the Hooks section of the React documentation.

React Native

While developing the tutorial app, we used React Native extensively. You can start from the React Native basics guide to learn more. Also, check out the following docs:

  • View API reference
  • Text API reference
  • Platform specific code
  • Presenting data in a list

We used Flexbox to layout our components. Check out the following recommendations to learn more about it:

  • Height and Width
  • Layout with Flexbox

Configure your app with app.json

You can learn more about customizing your app icon and splash screen in our guides. Also, look through the app.json app config reference for properties you can configure in this file.

Build your project into an app

Once we've built a project we're ready to share with users, we can build it into an app. Read more about distributing your app to stores and deploying websites.


We had one screen in the tutorial app. Most apps have multiple screens. Expo Router allows you to add new screens to your app by adding additional files to your project. To create a new project with Expo Router library already installed and configured, see Create a project.


Sometimes things go wrong, and when they do, you'll need to use debugging tools to find and fix errors. See Debugging.

Gestures and animations

To learn more about implementing different types of gestures and animations, we recommend the following documentation:

  • React Native Gesture Handler
  • React Native Reanimated

Join the community

Join our community on Discord to chat with other Expo users or to ask questions.