Additional resources

A reference of resources that are useful to learn about Expo tooling and services.

The following resources are useful for learning about Expo tooling and services.

External resources

Expo team communication

  • Blog - Our official blog, where we post release notes every month and other Expo related content at random intervals.
  • Changelog - Our official changelog, where we post information about EAS, web dashboard and other Expo services related changes at random intervals.


  • expo/expo - Expo Go, SDK, Docs, and the Expo CLI.
  • expo/eas-cli - The fastest way to build, submit, and update Android and iOS apps.
  • expo/examples - Integrations and other examples.
  • expo/config-plugins - Expo Config Plugins for working with third-party packages.
  • expo/snack - Build apps from the browser.
  • expo/vscode-expo - VS Code extension for working with Expo tools.
  • expo/fyi - Troubleshooting guides for Expo tools and services.
  • expo/orbit - Launch builds and start simulators from your macOS menu bar.


React Native

Animation and gestures



Keynote: community & workflows

Charlie Cheever, James Ide

App.js Conf 2023