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User Interface component libraries

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A list of UI component libraries for Expo and React Native apps.

The User Interface (UI) is a huge part of any app. If the icon is your front door, the UI is the interior design. You can take the route of completely designing your UI from scratch, however, if you want to get it up and running fast while still having a polished finish, there are plenty of libraries already in place to help get your app where you want it.

Below are some of the most popular UI Libraries. Test them all out and see what suits your needs:

React Native PaperLink
React Native UI LibLink
React Native ElementsLink
Fluent UILink
Gluestack UILink
Ignite UILink
React Native ReusablesLink
React Native UI KittenLink

When selecting a library, select one that is supported by a large and active community. Check out a library's GitHub page to see its recent activity.