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iOS Capabilities

When you make a change to your iOS entitlements, this change needs to be updated remotely on Apple's servers before making a production build. EAS Build automatically synchronizes capabilities on the Apple Developer Portal with your local entitlements configuration when you run eas build. Capabilities are web services provided by Apple, think of them like AWS or Firebase services.
This feature can be disabled with EXPO_NO_CAPABILITY_SYNC=1 eas build


In bare workflow apps, the entitlements are read from your ios/**/*.entitlements file.
In managed workflow, the entitlements are read from the introspected Expo config. You can see what your introspected config looks like by running expo config --type introspect in your project, then look for the ios.entitlements object for the results.

If a supported entitlement is present in the entitlements file, then running eas build will enable it on Apple Developer Portal. If the capability is already enabled, then EAS Build will skip it.

If a capability is enabled for your app remotely, but not present in the native entitlements file, then running eas build will automatically disable it.

EAS Build will only enable capabilities that it has built-in support for, any unsupported entitlements must be manually enabled via Apple Developer Portal.
Wireless Accessory Configuration
Extended Virtual Address Space
Access Wi-Fi Information
Associated Domains
AutoFill Credential Provider
Game Center
Data Protection
Inter-App Audio
Network Extensions
NFC Tag Reading
Personal VPN
Push Notifications
Sign In with Apple
In-App Purchase
Communication Notifications
Time Sensitive Notifications
Group Activities
Family Controls
Apple Pay Payment ProcessingPartial
App GroupsPartial
App Attest
FileProvider TestingMode
HLS Interstitial Previews
Low Latency HLS
MDM Managed Associated Domains
HealthKit Estimate Recalibration
The unsupported capabilities either don't support iOS, or they don't have a corresponding entitlement value.
Partially supported capabilities have extra configuration which EAS Build currently does not support. This includes Apple merchant IDs, App Group IDs, and iCloud container IDs. These values must all be configured manually for the time being. You can also refer to this Apple doc for more information on manual setup.

You can run EXPO_DEBUG=1 eas build to get more detailed logs regarding the capability syncing.
If you have trouble using this feature, you can disable it with the environment variable EXPO_NO_CAPABILITY_SYNC=1.
To see all of the currently enabled capabilities, visit Apple Developer Portal, and find the bundle identifier matching your app, if you click on it you should see a list of all the currently enabled capabilities.