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Billing: Overview

An overview of information on billing and subscriptions to manage your EAS account's plans, invoices, receipts, payments, and usage.

Expo provides various subscription plans for integrated cloud services through Expo Application Services (EAS). You can manage and track invoices, payments, plans, and other billing-related information on the Billing and Receipts pages in your account's dashboard. Only account Owners and Admins have access to this page.

See our list of resources below to learn more about different aspects of billing and subscriptions:


Subscriptions, plans, and add-ons

In-depth guide on available Expo Application Services (EAS) plans and how they work, usage-based pricing, and add-ons.

Manage plans

Learn how to update, downgrade, or cancel your Expo account's plan.

Manage billing

Manage billing

Learn how to manage billing information of your Expo account.

Payments, invoices, and receipts

Learn how to view your account's payment history, download invoices and receipts, request a refund for a charge, and understand charges on your invoice.

Usage-based pricing

Usage-based pricing

Learn how Expo applies usage-based billing for customers who exceed their plan quotas and about monitoring your EAS Build and Update usage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


A reference of commonly asked questions on Expo Application Services (EAS) plans, billing, and payment.