Get Started

First steps

In this tutorial we are going to build an app for iOS, and Android that allows you to share photos with your friends! Of course there are already plenty of apps that let you share photos from your phone, you just can't do it with your own app. Let's remedy that.

Before we get started

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    This tutorial assumes that you have installed Expo CLI and the Expo Go app, and that you have initialized and run a simple app successfully. If this is you, please continue reading this page!
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    If you don't have a "Hello, world!" app running on your machine yet, please refer back to the "Installation" and "Create a new app" guides.

Inside your preferred directory for storing your software projects, run the command:
# Create a project named ImageShare
→ npx create-expo-app ImageShare

# Navigate to the project directory
→ cd ImageShare
This will create a new project for the app that we will call "Image Share". Navigate to the directory and run expo start in it, open the project on your device, and open the code in your code editor of choice.