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Data and Privacy protection

An overview of data and privacy protection policies that Expo offers.

At Expo, our team's aim is to provide developers with tools and services that enable them to create robust and high-quality apps. Our focus is not on gathering huge amounts of data. We only collect a minimal amount of data that aids us in making informed decisions about our products and services. Our ultimate goal is to provide excellent user experiences.

It's crucial that Expo is transparent with its users about the data it collects, how it does so, and why. This is particularly important as more laws, policies, and frameworks are being introduced to regulate how companies handle user data. As a developer, you need to be aware of how the tools you use treat your end users' data to ensure that you comply with relevant laws, frameworks, or guidelines in your industry.

To accomplish this, we provide not only our privacy policy, (which is most useful if you're a lawyer) and also our privacy explained page. This page lays out exactly what data Expo collects, both from our developers and your end users, and why we collect it.

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