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Rollback a branch to a previous update or the embedded update.

Available for SDK 50 and above (expo-updates >= 0.23.0).

There are two types of rollbacks supported by EAS Update:

  • Roll back to a previously-published update.
  • Roll back to the update embedded in the build.

Start a rollback

To start a rollback, ensure you have EAS CLI version 5.9.0 or above installed. Then, run the following command:

eas update:rollback

In the terminal, an interactive guide will assist you in selecting the type of rollback and doing the rollback.

Rolling back to a previously-published update

The above command re-publishes a previously-published update to functionally roll back clients to that update.

Rolling back to the update embedded in the build

The above command instructs the client to run the update embedded in the build.

Publishing after the rollback

Upon publishing again after a rollback, all clients will receive the new update.