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Getting started

Setting up EAS Update allows you to push critical bug fixes and improvements that your users need right away.


EAS Update requires the following versions or greater:
  • Expo CLI 5.0.0
  • EAS CLI 0.41.1
  • Expo SDK 44.0.1
  • expo-updates 0.11.2

  1. Install EAS and Expo CLIs with:
    npm install --global eas-cli expo-cli

  1. Create an account at https://expo.dev/signup
  2. Then, log in with EAS CLI:
    eas login
  3. After logging in, you can verify the logged in account with eas whoami.

Create a project with Expo CLI by running:
expo init

  1. Install the latest expo-updates library with:
    yarn add expo-updates@0.11.2
  2. Initialize your project with EAS Update:
    eas update:configure
  3. To set up the configuration file for builds, run:
    eas build:configure
    This command will create a file named eas.json.
  4. Inside the preview and production build profiles in eas.json, add a channel property for each:
      "build": {
         "preview": {
           "channel": "preview"
         "production": {
           "channel": "production"
    This channel property will allow you to point updates at builds. For example, if you set up a GitHub Action to publish changes on merge, it will make it so we can merge code into the "production" branch, then those commits will publish an update that will be made available to builds with the channel "production".
  5. Optional: If your project is a bare React Native project, read the doc on extra configuration you may need.

Next, we'll need to create a build for Android or iOS. Learn more.
We recommend creating a build with the preview build profile first. Learn more about setting up your devices for internal distribution.
Once you have a build running on your device or in a simulator, we'll be ready to send it an update.

Once we've created a build, we're ready to iterate on our project. Start a local development server with:
yarn start

# or

expo start
Then, make any desired changes to your project's JavaScript, styling, or image assets.

Now we're ready to publish an update to the build created in the previous step.
Then publish an update with the following command:
eas update --branch [branch] --message [message]

# Example
eas update --branch preview --message "Updating the app"
Once the update is built and uploaded to EAS and the command completes, force close and reopen your app up to two times to download and view the update.
While EAS Update is in "preview" we are only allowing up to 100 assets to be uploaded in a single publish.

You can publish updates continuously with GitHub Actions. Learn more: Using GitHub Actions with EAS Update