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Developing for Web

If you build your native mobile app with Expo then you can also run it directly in the browser with the CLI and universal Expo SDK. The web part of your app runs with React Native for web which powers massive websites and progressive web apps like Twitter, and Major League Soccer. The Expo SDK also utilizes native browser functionality like Video, Camera, and Gestures without the need for a custom native browser.

🔎 How does it work

You get a highly performant React website with progressive web app features enabled from the start. Because there is no "magical" canvas work going on in the background, you get a fully accessible website with a great lighthouse score right from the start.

Expo makes it easy to create PWAs by generating web app data from your app config. You can add offline support to fully enable PWA features in your website. Run your app on a variety of different devices and reach a much wider user-base with a feature-filled PWA.
  • ⭐️ Share Icons: Automatically reuse the App Icon and Splash Screens from your mobile app!
  • 💬 Native Features: Use secure features like the Sharing API in your PWA.
  • 🌗 Dark Mode: Make your site accessible with the appearance API.

You can use Expo for web with any of your favorite frameworks to create whatever experience your project calls for!
  • Next.js: Server Side Render your website and get incredible SEO.
  • Gatsby: Prerender your static-site.
  • Storybook: Create and test beautiful design languages.