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Troubleshooting overview

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An overview of troubleshooting guides for app development with Expo and EAS.

This page lists a collection of various troubleshooting guides for Expo and EAS.

Error and warnings

View logs

Learn how to view logs when using Expo CLI to encounter errors and warnings while developing your app.

Errors and warnings

Learn about Redbox errors and stack traces to help you debug your Expo project.

Common development errors

A list of common development errors that are encountered by developers using Expo.

"Application has not been registered" error

Learn about what the Application has not been registered error means and how to resolve it.

Clear bundler caches on macOS and Linux

Learn how to clear the bundler cache when using Yarn or npm with Expo CLI or React Native CLI on macOS and Linux.

Clear bundler caches on Windows

Learn how to clear the bundler cache when using Yarn or npm with Expo CLI or React Native CLI on Windows.

"React Native version mismatch" errors

Learn about what React Native version mismatch means and how to resolve it in an Expo or React Native app.


Learn about troubleshooting proxies with a set of recommended tools.

Runtime issues in development and production

Debugging runtime issues

Learn about different techniques to debug your native runtime issues in development and production.

Debugging and profiling tools

Learn about different tools available to inspect your Expo project at runtime.

Dev tools plugins

Learn about using dev tools plugins to inspect and debug your Expo project.

Expo Router

Expo Router: Troubleshooting

A list of common issues with Expo Router setup and how to fix them.

Expo Router FAQ

A list of common questions about Expo Router.

Push notifications

Push notifications: Troubleshooting and FAQ

A collection of common questions about Expo's push notification service.


EAS Build: Troubleshooting errors and crashes

A reference for troubleshooting build errors and crashes when using EAS Build.

EAS Update: Basic debugging

Learn how to use basic debugging techniques to fix an update issue.

EAS Update: Advanced debugging

Learn advanced strategies on how to debug EAS Update.

EAS Update: Error recovery

Learn how to take advantage of using built-in error recovery when using expo-updates library.