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Top-level src directory

Learn how to use a top-level src directory in your Expo Router project.

As your project grows, it can be helpful to move all of the directories containing application code into a single src directory. Expo Router supports this out of the box.


Simply move your app directory to src/app and restart the development server.

npx expo start

# Or export for production
npx expo export


  • The config files (app.config.js, app.json, package.json, metro.config.js, tsconfig.json) should remain in the root directory.
  • The src/app directory takes higher precedence than the root app directory. Only the src/app directory will be used if you have both.
  • The public directory should remain in the root directory.
  • Static rendering will automatically use the src/app directory if it exists.
  • You may consider updating any type aliases to point to the src directory instead of the root directory.

Custom directory

Changing the default root directory is highly discouraged. We will not accept bug reports regarding projects with custom root directories.

You can dangerously customize the root directory using the Expo Router Config Plugin. The following will change the root directory to src/routes, relative to the project root.

  "plugins": [
        "root": "./src/routes",

This may lead to unexpected behavior. Many tools assume the root directory to be either ./app or ./src/app. Only tools in the exact version of Expo CLI will respect the config plugin.