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Router Settings

Learn how to configure layouts with static properties in Expo Router.

Warning: unstable_settings currently do not work with async routes (development-only). This is why the feature is designated unstable.


When deep linking to a route, you may want to provide a user with a "back" button. The initialRouteName sets the default screen of the stack and should match a valid filename (without the extension).

import { Stack } from 'expo-router';

export const unstable_settings = {
  // Ensure any route can link back to `/`
  initialRouteName: 'index',

export default function Layout() {
  return <Stack />;

Now deep linking directly to /other or reloading the page will continue to show the back arrow.

When using array syntax (foo,bar) you can specify the name of a group in the unstable_settings object to target a particular segment.

export const unstable_settings = {
  // Used for `(foo)`
  initialRouteName: 'first',
  // Used for `(bar)`
  bar: {
    initialRouteName: 'second',