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Use BugSnag

A guide on installing and configuring BugSnag for end-to-end error reporting and analytics.

BugSnag is a stability monitoring solution that provides rich, end-to-end error reporting and analytics to reproduce and fix errors with speed and precision. BugSnag supports the full stack with open-source libraries for more than 50 platforms, including React Native.

With BugSnag, developers and engineering organizations can:

  • Stabilize: Innovate faster by knowing when to build new features versus fix bugs. Use the release health dashboard, stability scores and targets, and built-in alerts via email, Slack, PagerDuty, and more.
  • Prioritize: Improve customer experience by identifying and prioritizing bugs that have the greatest impact on app stability. Analyze issues grouped by root cause and sorted by business impact, customer segmentation, A/B testing and experiment results.
  • Fix: Increase productivity by spending less time on reproducing and fixing bugs. Utilize powerful diagnostic data, full stacktraces and automatic breadcrumbs.


See the integration guide below for instructions on adding BugSnag to your Expo apps to report JavaScript errors. It also includes instructions for uploading source maps for updates published with EAS Update.

If you're new to BugSnag, you can create an account or request a demo.

Expo BugSnag integration

See the official guide on how to integrate BugSnag with an Expo app.