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Guides: Overview

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This section contains information about the development with Expo and Expo Application Services (EAS):

Development process

Learn about the process of building an app with Expo to help understand the mental model of the core development loop. This section also dives into additional configurations and workflows you may require during the development process to help you develop, deploy, and maintain your app. It contains in-depth information about app config, permissions, universal links, custom native code, web, and more.

Expo Router

Learn about using different navigation functionalities from the Expo Router library. It also covers a comprehensive Hooks API that the library provides and other aspects of navigation such as Authentication, Redirects, Testing, and more.

Expo Modules API

Learn how to add and use Native modules in your app using Expo Modules API.

Expo Application Services (EAS)

Deeply integrated cloud services for Expo and React Native apps from the team behind Expo. Learn about EAS Build, EAS Submit, EAS Update, EAS Metadata, and EAS Insights.

Other content

Apart from the essentials listed above, there are plenty of other features to explore such as Push notifications and best practices on distributing your app to the app stores. We also have a collection of guides in the Assorted and third-party Integrations sections.