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Use In-app purchase

Learn about how to use in-app purchases in your Expo app.

In-app purchases (IAP) are transactions within a mobile or desktop application where users can buy digital goods or additional features. This guide provides a list of popular libraries and tutorials for implementing IAP in your Expo app.

In-app purchase libraries require configuring custom native code. Native code is not configurable when using Expo Go. Instead, create a development build, which allows using a native library in your project.


Expo In-App Purchase Tutorial

The getting started guide for in-app purchases and subscriptions with react-native-purchases library and RevenueCat.


The following libraries provide robust support for in-app purchase functionality and out-of-the-box compatibility with Expo apps using CNG and Config Plugins for seamless integration in your app.


An open-source framework that provides a wrapper around Google Play Billing and StoreKit APIs, and integration with RevenueCat services supporting in-app purchases. It enables product management, analytics, and simplified workflows for in-app purchase requirements that may extend beyond your client code, such as validating purchases on an app's backend.


A React Native library providing an interface to the client-side native in-app purchase API's for Android (both Play Store and Amazon) and iOS.