Get Started

Guides to get things done

In the 'Get Started' section we walk through how you can install Expo tools, create your first app, guide you through a tutorial, and give you a conceptual overview of what working with Expo tools looks like, the limitations, and common questions folks have.
The guides section of the documentation is oriented towards getting things done: we explain how to use certain tools and how to perform tasks that you may encounter while building your app. The guides are split up into a few sections:


In this section we cover the fundamentals of developing with Expo's tools. Some popular topics are:

In this section we cover topics related to building, shipping, and updating your app with Expo's tools and services like EAS Build and EAS Submit. Some popular topics are:

This section covers creating Development Builds with customizations beyond what is possible within the Expo Go app.

This section is all about how to best use your Expo account. We cover topics like:

In this section, we cover topics specific to the bare workflow:

This section covers all things related to push notifications, including a full walkthrough on setting up your app to use Expo's push notification service, as well as:

This section covers user interface topics such as:

This section contains guides on various topics, like:

This section contains information on things like Data and Privacy protection, GDPR, and HIPPA.

This section contains technical specifications, such as the spec for Expo Updates.

The API Reference includes comprehensive documentation around the built-in APIs in the Expo SDK and how to use them.