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EAS Update is currently available only to customers with an EAS subscription plan. Sign up.
EAS Update is in "preview", meaning that we may still make breaking developer-facing changes. With that, EAS Update is ready for production apps. While we do not intend to make end-user facing changes, we may require you to make new builds of your project before EAS Update is publicly available. Read through the known issues to ensure EAS Update is ready for your project.
EAS Update is a hosted service that serves updates for projects using the expo-updates library.
EAS Update makes fixing small bugs and pushing quick fixes a snap in between app store submissions. It accomplishes this by allowing an end-user's app to swap out the non-native parts of their app (for example, JS, styling, and image changes) with a new update that contains bug fixes and other updates.
All apps running the expo-updates library have the ability to receive updates. To start using EAS Update, continue to the Getting Started guide.