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EAS Update

An introduction to EAS Update which is a hosted service for projects using the expo-updates library.

EAS Update is a hosted service that serves updates for projects using the expo-updates library.

EAS Update makes fixing small bugs and pushing quick fixes a snap in between app store submissions. It accomplishes this by allowing an end-user's app to swap out the non-native parts of their app (for example, JS, styling, and image changes) with a new update that contains bug fixes and other updates.

All apps running the expo-updates library have the ability to receive updates. To start using EAS Update, continue to the Getting Started guide.


Improve user experience

EAS Update allows you to release hotfixes and enhancements in response to user feedback or market trends. It helps you keep users engaged and satisfied with your app. Don't wait for the next planned update or manual update request.

Broad compatibility

EAS Update works with vanilla React Native apps. All you need to do is install the lightweight expo npm package as a prerequisite, making it a compelling alternative to solutions such as Codepush.

Tailored for Expo

EAS Update is designed for Expo apps, making integration easy and workflows efficient. Use the website UIs to check app status and debug, especially for developers using EAS Build.

Customizable update strategies

Apply updates through expo-updates API and app config if the default behavior is not suitable for you. You will always have the upper hand in shaping the update process without compromising your users' experience.

Get started

Get started with EAS Update

Learn how to get started with the setup required to configure and use EAS Update in your project.

Publish an update

Learn how to publish an update to a specific branch with EAS Update.

Use GitHub Actions

Publish an update and preview with a QR code after a commit.

Develop faster

View your teammate's changes with EAS Update.