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EAS Insights

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An introduction to EAS Insights which is a preview service for projects using the expo-insights library.

EAS Insights is in preview and subject to breaking changes. While in preview, it is free to use.

EAS Insights is a service that will offer a view into a project's performance, usage, and reach. We are currently offering a preview of Insights that is available to all developers, and we will continue to roll out new features and functionality based on user feedback and suggestions.

EAS Insights makes it easy to see the state of your app, providing information about usage across platforms, app store versions, and timeframes.

Integration with EAS Update

If you're already using EAS Update, we provide certain high-level usage insights without any additional client-side changes. This is possible because by aggregating data from client requests to check for an update into a limited Insights view that shows usage over time, as well as usage broken down by platform.

Use the expo-insights library

Developers can add the expo-insights library to their projects and gain more precise usage metrics (than those provided by just aggregating update requests) and additional breakdowns by app store version. Currently, the library is limited to sending client events only pertaining to cold starts of the app, but in the future we will expand expo-insights to offer new types of events and payloads, to support more advanced functionality.


To use the expo-insights, make sure your app is linked to your EAS project in app.json / app.config.js by running eas init, then install the library.

# Install EAS CLI if you have not already
npm i -g eas-cli

# Initialize your project EAS if you have not already
eas init

# Install the library
npx expo install expo-insights

After installing the library, create a build either with EAS or locally. The library will automatically send events to EAS Insights when the app is launched.

View insights

To view insights data of your app, in the Expo dashboard, go to projects list, select your project and then select Insights from the navigation menu.