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Account Types

Personal Accounts

Every user of Expo has their own Personal Account. With this account, we can safely identify you as the developer or owner of an app. You can use Personal Accounts for all features Expo has to offer. In cases where you take an action that doesn't specify which account it should belong to, it will default to your Personal Account
This account is just for you, never share access to this account for any reason.

If you are creating a project that may need to outlive your involvement with it, for instance a professional project for a company you work for, we recommend you create a new Organization for that project.
Common situations where Organizations are useful:
  • Transferring control of a project
  • Sharing access with others
  • Isolating expenses for work projects that you need to submit expenses for
  • Structuring projects for different contexts (e.g. work for different clients)
Personal AccountsOrganization
Create Projects
Build projects to submit to App Store and Play Store
Release bug fixes with updates
Transfer control of individual projects to another user
Transfer control of all projects to another user
Programmatic access with limited privileges
Designate multiple users who have complete control of a project

To create a new Organization, visit expo.dev/create-organization and sign in to your Personal Account. You can also create a new Organization by selecting "New Organization" from the account selection dropdown at the top of your dashboard.
You'll need to choose a name for your Organization. Once you have created the organization, you will not be able to rename it. To associate projects with an Organization, you will need to add the Owner key to your project's app.json

If you have projects under a Personal Account that you would rather have as an Organization, it is simple and safe to convert to any project created under your Personal Account to an Organization. Simply visit expo.dev/settings and follow the prompts under Convert your account into an Organization.
You will need to assign a Personal Account to manage the Organization as part of this process (You can create a new one if you don't already have another account).
We have taken a lot of care to make sure that all of the functionality that you and your users rely on will continue work as expected, meaning:
  • You can continue to deliver updates and push notifications to your users.
  • You will still be able to use any iOS or Android credentials stored on Expo's servers.
  • Any integrations using your personal access token or webhooks will continue to operate.
  • Your EAS subscription will continue without interruption.
  • Your production apps will continue to operate without interruption.

Accounts may be renamed a limited number of times. Simply visit the account settings page and follow the prompts under Rename Account.
Some caveats:
  • New publishes for projects belonging to renamed accounts must be on SDK 43 or higher.

Projects may be renamed a limited number of times. Simply visit the project settings page and follow the prompts under Transfer project.
Some caveats:
  • The person performing the transfer must have "Owner" role on both the source and destination accounts.
  • New publishes for renamed project must be on SDK 43 or higher.
In the case where a project on your Personal or Organization Account (source) is sold/given to another company/person (receiving party) and the receiving party does not want to grant you Owner access to their destination account, you can create a new Organization Account (escrow), grant the receiving party Owner access, and transfer the project to the escrow account. The receiving party then can transfer it to the destination account from the escrow account.