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EAS Submit

EAS Submit is a hosted service for uploading and submitting your app binaries to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. Since it's a hosted service, you can submit your app to both stores as long as you can run EAS CLI on your machine. This means you can easily submit your iOS and Android apps from your macOS, Windows, or Linux workstation or from CI.

Get started

Submitting to the Apple App Store

Learn how to submit an iOS/iPadOS app to the Apple App Store from any operating system.

Submitting to the Google Play Store

Learn how to submit an Android app to the Google Play Store.

Learn how to use EAS Submit with "expo build"

EAS Submit works with EAS Build projects by default, but it's easy to use EAS Submit to submit apps built with Classic Builds too.

Configuration with eas.json

See how to configure your submissions with eas.json.