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Distribution: Overview

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An overview of submitting an app to the app stores or with the internal distribution.

Get your app into the hands of users by submitting it to the app stores or with Internal Distribution.

# Install the CLI
npm i -g eas-cli

# Build and submit your app
eas build --auto-submit

# OR -- Submit existing binaries
eas submit

You can run eas build --auto-submit with EAS CLI to build your app and automatically upload the binary for distribution on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

This automatically manages all native code signing for Android and iOS for any React Native app. Advanced features such as payments, notifications, universal links, and iCloud can be automatically enabled based on your config plugins or native entitlements, meaning no more wrestling with slow portals to get libraries set up correctly.

Get started

Submit to the Google Play Store

Learn how to submit an Android app to the Google Play Store.

Submit to the Apple App Store

Learn how to submit an iOS or an iPadOS app to the Apple App Store from any operating system.

Internal Distribution

Share your mobile app internally with testers using AdHoc builds.

Publish websites

Export your website and upload to any web host.

OTA updates

Send over-the-air updates to your users instantly.