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A library that provides building blocks to create shared element transitions.

This library is listed in the Expo SDK reference because it is included in Expo Go. You may use any library of your choice with development builds.
In SDK 49 and higher, this library will no longer be available in Expo Go. You can still use it with development builds.

react-native-shared-element provides a set of building blocks to help you build shared element transitions — animations where you transition an element in one scene smoothly into another.

Note: this library is still in alpha. Please refer to the issue tracker if you encounter any problems.

Platform Compatibility

Android DeviceAndroid EmulatoriOS DeviceiOS SimulatorWeb


npx expo install react-native-shared-element

If you're installing this in a bare React Native app, you should also follow these additional installation instructions.


See the react-native-shared-element README for API and usage information.