Expo Application Services
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While we try to make upgrading the expo-dev-client package as painless as possible, occasionally you will need to make small changes to your project which are listed on this page.


You can safely remove the following line from the react-native.config.js:
module.exports = {
  dependencies: {
    ...require('expo-dev-client/dependencies'), // to remove
    // ...

For managed workflow projects, and bare projects with the expo or react-native-unimodules package, no additional changes are needed.
For bare workflow projects with no other Expo modules nor react-native-unimodules, the following additional changes are needed when upgrading to expo-dev-client@0.6.x:

In ios/Podfile, change the deployment target to platform :ios, '12.0' and add the following lines inside the main target:
pod 'EXJSONUtils', path: '../node_modules/expo-json-utils/ios', :configurations => :debug
pod 'EXManifests', path: '../node_modules/expo-manifests/ios', :configurations => :debug
Rerun pod install before reopening your project.

In android/settings.gradle, add the following lines:
include ':expo-json-utils'
project(':expo-json-utils').projectDir = new File('../node_modules/expo-json-utils/android')

include ':expo-manifests'
project(':expo-manifests').projectDir = new File('../node_modules/expo-manifests/android')