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The expo-dev-client library is only compatible with specific versions of certain Expo and React Native modules. If you find another incompatible library that isn't on this list, please open an issue and let us know.
You do not need to use any of these packages in your project in order to use expo-dev-client, but if you do, you must use a compatible version.

Expo SDKs

In a project with the expo package installed, running npx expo install expo-dev-client will always install the latest compatible version. For convenience, this table lists the highest minor version of expo-dev-client that is supported by various Expo SDK versions.
Expo SDKexpo-dev-client
SDK 461.2.X
SDK 451.0.X
SDK 440.8.X
SDK 430.8.X
SDK 420.7.X

1.0.X0.64.X - 0.68.X
0.9.X0.64.X - 0.68.X
0.7.X0.62.X - 0.64.X
0.6.X0.62.X - 0.63.X

All recent versions of expo-dev-client are compatible with react-native-reanimated@2.2.0 and above.