Learn about setting up authentication in your Expo project.

Expo can be used to login to many popular providers on iOS, Android, and web. expo-auth-session package allows browser-based authentication (using OAuth or OpenID Connect) to your project for Android, iOS, and the web. This guide provides steps on configuring and using the API with Google and a development build.

AuthSession API

expo-auth-session is the easiest way to add web browser-based authentication (for example, browser-based OAuth flows) to your app.

Authentication with Google and AuthSession API

A guide on setting up and using Google authentication with expo-auth-session in your Expo app.

Authentication with Facebook and AuthSession API

A guide on setting up and using Facebook authentication with AuthSession API in your Expo app.

Apple Authentication

expo-apple-authentication provides Apple authentication for iOS 13+.

Other authentication guides

A collection of implementing web-based authentication in your Expo app using AuthSession API and other OAuth providers.