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Core concepts

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An overview of Expo tools, features and services.

Expo is an open-source framework for apps that run natively on Android, iOS, and the web. Expo brings together the best of mobile and the web and enables many important features for building and scaling an app.

The expo npm package enables a suite of incredible features for React Native apps. The expo package can be installed in nearly any React Native project.

Tools and features

Expo SDK

Comprehensive suite of well-tested React Native modules that run on Android, iOS, and web.

Develop an app with Expo

An overview of the development process of building an Expo app to help build a mental model of the core development loop.

Expo Modules API

Write highly performant native code with modern Swift and Kotlin API.


Separate React from Native to develop from any computer, upgrade easily, white label apps, and maintain larger projects.

Expo CLI

Manage dependencies, compile native apps, develop for the web, and connect to any device with a powerful dev server.

Expo Go

Learn React by trying it on your simulator or device.

All features are free, optional, and can be used independently of each other. Unused features add no additional bloat to your app.
FeatureWith expoWithout expo (bare React Native)
Develop complex apps entirely in JavaScript.
Write JSI native modules with Swift and Kotlin.
Develop apps without Xcode or Android Studio.
Create and share example apps in the browser with Snack.
Major upgrades without native changes.
First-class TypeScript support.
Install natively compatible libraries from the command line.
Develop performant websites with the same codebase.
Tunnel your dev server to any device.


The team behind Expo also provides Expo Application Services (EAS), deeply integrated cloud services for building, submitting, and updating your React Native app. EAS can be used with any React Native app, regardless of whether it uses expo or not.

Expo Application Services

The easiest way to build, deploy, and update native apps.