Expo is an open-source framework for apps that run natively on Android, iOS, and the web. Expo brings together the best of mobile and the web and enables many important features for building and scaling an app.

  • Develop: Developing an app requires writing code in JavaScript/TypeScript. When you create a new project, Expo provides a standard project structure which you can customize as per your needs. It also provides development builds that help your team to iterate quickly to achieve web-like iteration speeds and safely.

  • Navigation: Developing an app that requires navigation involves creating different screens, linking them to URLs, switching between screens, and displaying UI elements related to navigation on specific platforms. Expo Router simplifies this process by converting each file in the app directory into a route and offering automatic deep linking.

There are plenty of other features and best practices to continue exploring along the way, such as collaborating with your team, using Expo modules, debugging, and working on the command line with Expo CLI.