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Next steps

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Develop, review, and submit your project.

Here are next steps to continue building your app:

Reset your project

You can remove the boilerplate code and start fresh with a new project. Run the following command to reset your project:

npm run reset-project

This command will move the existing files in app to app-example, then create a new app directory with a new index.tsx file.

Develop, review, and deploy

Learn how to develop by reading the docs in the Develop section. You'll learn how to create UI elements, add unit tests, include native modules, and more.

Once you've developed your app, you can share it with your teammates for review.

Finally, you can build and submit your project to the app stores.

Step-by-step guide

For a guided, step-by-step walkthrough of building an app with Expo from start to finish, check out the tutorial.