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Extensions allow you to extend your development client with additional capabilities.

Extending the dev menu

The dev menu can be extended to include extra buttons by using the registerDevMenuItems API:
import { registerDevMenuItems } from 'expo-dev-menu';

const devMenuItems = [
    name: 'My Custom Button',
    callback: () => console.log("Hello world!")

This will create a new section in the dev menu that includes the buttons you have registered:
An example of a custom menu button in expo-dev-menu
Note: Subsequent calls of registerDevMenuItems will override all previous entries.

An example list of EAS Updates that can be loaded in the expo-dev-client
The EAS Updates extension provides the ability to view and load published updates in your development client.
It's now available for all development clients v0.9.0 and above. In order to install it, you'll need the most recent publish of expo updates from npm:
→ expo install expo-dev-client expo-updates

If you have not yet configured EAS Updates in your project, you can find additional instructions on how to do so here.
That's it! You can now view and load EAS Updates in your development build via the Extensions panel.