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expo-mail-composer allows you to compose and send emails quickly and easily using the OS UI. This module can't be used on iOS Simulators since you can't sign into a mail account on them.

Platform Compatibility

Android DeviceAndroid EmulatoriOS DeviceiOS SimulatorWeb


expo install expo-mail-composer

If you're installing this in a bare React Native app, you should also follow these additional installation instructions.

import * as MailComposer from 'expo-mail-composer';

  • options (MailComposerOptions)

Opens a mail modal for iOS and a mail app intent for Android and fills the fields with provided data. On iOS you will need to be signed into the Mail app.

  • Promise<MailComposerResult>

A promise fulfilled with an object containing a status field that specifies whether an email was sent, saved, or cancelled. Android does not provide this info, so the status is always set as if the email were sent.

Determine if the MailComposer API can be used in this app.

A promise resolves to true if the API can be used, and false otherwise.

  • Returns true on iOS when the device has a default email setup for sending mail.
  • Can return false on iOS if an MDM profile is setup to block outgoing mail. If this is the case, you may want to use the Linking API instead.
  • Always returns true in the browser and on Android.

A map defining the data to fill the mail.

string[]An array of app's internal file URIs to attach.
string[]An array of e-mail addresses of the BCC recipients.
stringBody of the e-mail.
string[]An array of e-mail addresses of the CC recipients.
booleanWhether the body contains HTML tags so it could be formatted properly. Not working perfectly on Android.
string[]An array of e-mail addresses of the recipients.
stringSubject of the e-mail.


  • MailComposerStatus.CANCELLED : "cancelled"
  • MailComposerStatus.SAVED : "saved"
  • MailComposerStatus.SENT : "sent"
  • MailComposerStatus.UNDETERMINED : "undetermined"