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expo-store-review provides access to the SKStoreReviewController API in iOS 10.3+ devices, and ReviewManager API in Android 5.0+ allowing you to ask the user to rate your app without ever having to leave the app itself.
Screenshots of the store review API in action on iOS

Platform Compatibility

Android DeviceAndroid EmulatoriOS DeviceiOS SimulatorWeb


expo-linking is a peer dependency and must be installed alongside expo-store-review.
expo install expo-store-review expo-linking

If you're installing this in a bare React Native app, you should also follow these additional installation instructions.

It is important that you follow the Human Interface Guidelines for iOS and Guidelines for Android when using this API.
  • Don't call StoreReview.requestReview() from a button - instead try calling it after the user has finished some signature interaction in the app.
  • Don't spam the user.
  • Don't request a review when the user is doing something time sensitive like navigating.
  • Don't ask the user any questions before or while presenting the rating button or card.

You can redirect someone to the "Write a Review" screen for an app in the iOS App Store by using the query parameter action=write-review. For example:
const itunesItemId = 982107779;
// Open the iOS App Store in the browser -> redirects to App Store on iOS
// Open the iOS App Store directly

There is no equivalent redirect on Android, you can still open the Play Store to the reviews sections using the query parameter showAllReviews=true like this:
const androidPackageName = 'host.exp.exponent';
// Open the Android Play Store in the browser -> redirects to Play Store on Android
// Open the Android Play Store directly

import * as StoreReview from 'expo-store-review';


if (await StoreReview.hasAction()) {
  // you can call StoreReview.requestReview()

  • Promise<boolean>

This returns a promise that fulfills to true if StoreReview.requestReview() is capable directing the user to some kind of store review flow. If the app config (app.json) does not contain store URLs and native store review capabilities are not available then the promise will fulfill to false.

Determines if the platform has the capabilities to use StoreReview.requestReview().

This returns a promise fulfills with boolean, depending on the platform:

  • On iOS, it will resolve to true if the device is running iOS 10.3+.
  • On Android, it will resolve to true if the device is running Android 5.0+.
  • On Web, it will resolve to false.

In ideal circumstances this will open a native modal and allow the user to select a star rating that will then be applied to the App Store, without leaving the app. If the device is running a version of iOS lower than 10.3, or a version of Android lower than 5.0, this will attempt to get the store URL and link the user to it.

This uses the Constants API to get the Constants.manifest.ios.appStoreUrl on iOS, or the Constants.manifest.android.playStoreUrl on Android.

On Web this will return null.

  • string | null

Requesting an App Store review is not supported on this device. The device must be iOS 10.3 or greater. Android and web are not supported. Be sure to check for support with isAvailableAsync() to avoid this error.