Get Started

Using the documentation

"The Basics" section of the documentation is meant to introduce you to Expo and the various ways it can be used, along with the limitations, and get you up and running on your first app. Once you are confident with the information presented in this section, you can jump through the rest of the documentation in whatever order suits your needs.
"Managed Workflow": once you are done with "The Basics", we recommend moving on to the "Fundamentals" subsection of the "Managed Workflow". It will set you up with the skills you need for your day-to-day development, such as Viewing Logs and Debugging.
The "Managed Workflow" section also contains many how-to guides that show you how you can accomplish specific goals that you will likely come across while building an app, such as Using Custom Fonts and sending Push Notifications. It also goes in detail on the finer points of distributing your apps to the stores.
"Bare Workflow": this section helps you to up and running with the bare workflow (we only cover the managed workflow in "The Basics"), lists the supported APIs from the Expo SDK, and includes other how-to guides for integrating Expo tools into bare React Native apps.
"API Reference" includes information on every module in the Expo SDK, from AR to WebView and everything in between. You can browse this section to get an idea of what capabilities are available to you and refer back to it when you want to use an API.
We strive to make our documentation as good as it can be, but it can't possibly answer everyone's questions all the time. Sometimes you might need to get some help from the community or read a book or work through a course listed in external resources.