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Feature Preview

Feature Preview

What does Feature Preview mean?

We decided to publish some of our new features as a preview to get feedback from you. It doesn't mean that those functionalities are in the "beta". As developers, we are skeptical of relying on anything labeled a "beta", knowing it is sometimes applied to projects that are early in development, incomplete, or may not receive long-term support. Expo offers you solutions that have been tested and adopted by many teams to help you with day-to-day work. The reason those features are published as a preview is to hear your feedback to make them better. We treat that period as a time to better understand what developers expect from our services and shape them to fit your needs. While we make those improvements, we expect we will need to make breaking changes in those packages more frequently than we do in the Expo SDK.

  • expo-dev-client: When you need to customize your project beyond the standard runtime provided in Expo Go, you can create a development build of your app, install it on your phone, and continue developing. Learn more.