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ExpoKit is deprecated and is no longer supported after SDK 38. If you need to make customizations to your Expo project, use development builds on EAS Build or use prebuild to generate the native projects locally.

ExpoKit is an Objective-C and Java library that allows you to use the Expo platform and your existing Expo project as part of a larger standard native project -- one that you would normally create using Xcode, Android Studio, or react-native init.

Because Expo already provides the ability to build native binaries for the App Store, most Expo developers do not need to use ExpoKit. In some cases, projects need to make use of third-party Objective-C or Java native code that is not included in the core Expo SDK. ExpoKit provides this ability.

This documentation will discuss:

  • Ejecting (deprecated in favor of expo prebuild) your normal (JS) Expo project into a JS-and-native ExpoKit project
  • Changing your workflow to use custom native code with ExpoKit
  • Other advanced ExpoKit topics
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