Expo Application Services
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Issues are often solved by upgrading to the latest version of expo-dev-client, Expo CLI, and EAS CLI.
If you're not able to resolve your issue, please let us know!

Make sure you have "Send keyboard input to device" enabled for the simulator. This option can be found under I/O > Input in the menu.

If you are building for iOS and getting an error that looks something like this:
❌  (ios/Pods/Target Support Files/Pods-yourproject/ExpoModulesProvider.swift:11:12)

> 11 | import expo-dev-launcher
     |            ^ consecutive statements on a line must be separated by ';'
  12 | import expo-dev-menu
You have an outdated version of expo-modules-autolinking (below 0.7.x) installed as a transitive dependency in your project.
A common reason for this is installing expo-cli or eas-cli as dependencies of your project, rather than globally as we recommend; removing those packages should fix the error.
Otherwise, run yarn why expo-modules-autolinking to see where the outdated version is coming from, and upgrade that package to the latest version.