Work together

Learn how to work with other developers on Expo projects.

Deprecated: The following guidelines on giving access to other developers or team members have been deprecated and are no longer valid on a Personal Account. If you creating a new account and looking to add team members, we recommend creating an Organization instead of a Personal Account. Organizations are more flexible and allow you to manage and share access to your projects within a team.

You can grant other users access to the projects belonging to your Personal Account or Organizations. The type of access depends on the granted role.

Add members

You can invite new members to your Personal Account, or any account you administrate, from the Members page in your dashboard. You can only add users with Expo accounts as members; you can direct them to https://expo.dev/signup if they don't have an account yet. You may have up to 100 members and pending invitations combined for a single account.

Manage access

Access for members is managed through a role-based system. Users can have the owner, admin, developer, or viewer role within Personal Accounts.

OwnerCan take any action on an account or any projects, including deleting them. (Note: the Owner role is not available on your Personal Account)
AdminCan control most settings on your account, including signing up for paid services, changing permissions of other users, and managing programmatic access.
DeveloperCan create new projects, make new builds, release updates, and manage credentials.
ViewerCan only view your projects through Expo Go, but can't modify your projects in any way.

Remove members

To remove members, go to the Members page and revoke access.